Rilakkuma gets a bit of translation
Standing in front of the Digital Garage building in Ebisu with ABCLoop members

I had lunch yesterday with the team from They had some exciting news, having just been accepted into the Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator program run by Digital Garage.

Lunch with ABCLoop members and Robin from Social500

Robin, from Social500, a marketing business helping Japanese companies gain fans on Facebook also joined in the lunch. There was some good discussion about how best to use Twitter and Facebook in different ways to help promote a companies brand. has a ranking service for Japanese language Facebook fan pages

The Open Network Lab building is very close to where I am based so it is going to be perfect for meeting up. is a social community where friends can post news, photos and event information in “Loops”, sort of like themed groups, and have others translate their posts into Japanese or English. This is great for communicating with people when you cant speak the language fluently, but it also helps you learn that language by checking the suggested translations.

Some of the popular Loops on ABCLoop

All the translations are done by your friends and other members of ABCLoop which is much better than leaving it up to to a machine. After all, who better knows what you really meant to say than your friends.

The core of this social community is information exchange. It doesn’t matter what language you prefer, sharing with other people across different language borders is now easy and fun.

Here is my post on Rilakkuma. You can see there has already been a translation added. I can now give thanks and check in on the translation as well. Very social, very easy.

Rilakkuma gets a bit of translation

There are lots of great Loops to join and meet new people. Billy and John, the founders of told me there is a 60 to 40 percent ratio of females to males, and with the recent integration of Facebook Connect on the ABCLoop site, the number of users are picking up quickly.

Hop over to ABCLoop and try it out. Tell me what your favorite loop is when you get there.

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