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Conbini Monday

Conbini Monday Wk76

There are not only foods, but also well-made figures at the convenience store.
I hope you have a¬†happy Valentine’s Day with your significant other.

Conbini Monday

Conbini Monday Wk58

It has been quite a few weeks since the last Conbini Monday. Looks like some of you have been getting hungry and asking me when we are going to get back in the...

Conbini Monday

Conbini Monday Wk57

Had a few problems with the server yesterday, which required the data center installing new ram chips. Looks like the traffic has been eating through the ram...

Food Goods

Royce Chocolate, Japan

For all those Royce chocolate lovers …. it is available on Amazon Japan You can buy Royce in a set with wafers, potato chips and nama chocolate included...


Crunky Chocolate Jigsaw

Find out more on Amazon Japan. Do you love Crunky chocolate? When I first came to Japan, I could never work out why they called it Crunky. It seemed a stranged...


Meiji 56 Chocolates

Most of us will know Meiji Chocolate from the chocolate bars you can buy in the convenience stores. Meiji have chocolate makers for a long time, but recently...

Conbini Monday

Conbini Monday Wk29

This week, Monday is a holiday in Japan, so for all those who normally have their Conbini Monday on the first day back at work, you will have to wait until...

Conbini Monday

Conbini Monday Wk27

Yakult is well known for its Yakult milk drink which can be found in supermarkets overseas as well as Japan. Yakult has a number of subsidiaries that make...


Yamanote 100 Years

The Yamanote Line is currently celebrating 100 years since its naming. The original portion of the Yamanote Line was built in 1885 between Shinagawa and...

Conbini Monday

Conbini Monday Wk9

Following up on last weeks look at Mitsuya Cider, I found a new Premium product from them which is selling in a limited quantity set. The drink’s unusual...

Conbini Monday

Conbini Monday Wk5

I have about 7 convenience stores all within 3 minutes walk of my house. The Lawson is about 10 seconds away (too close to avoid visiting anytime of the day)...


Yuzu Potato Chips

I bought a pack of Yuzu Potato chips the other day to try something different. Yuzu is found in Japan although originally came from China. The taste is very...