Autumn Chestnut Bread

Chestnut Anpan Bread

With Autumn comes a change in weather and a change in foods. Local stores start to serve different vegetables and there is a clear switch in menus. It is nice to have 4 seasons and be able to notice the distinct change in environment, whether it be visual or other senses. One notable example is chestnuts or “kuri”, 栗. Kuri in Japan is a much enjoyed autumn food source.

Kuri Anpan

Some people like to have kuri gohan, or chestnut rice. In this photo, you can see Kuri anpan, chestnut red bean paste bread. Maybe it sounds odd, but if you stick with the Japanese naming of kuri anpan and think just of sweet bread with chestnuts, you will enjoy the taste.

This one is being sold at a local Shinshindo Cafe, limited offer just for Autumn. If you have ever tasted Kuri Anpan tell, let me know your experience in the comments.

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