Tokyo Station Water

Tokyo Station Water Park

The renovations on the west side of Tokyo Station are largely complete and families on the hot summer weekends get the chance to watch their children play in the water area. It gets a bit slippy and I saw quite a few children falling over but in the main everyone seemed to enjoy themselves without any major injuries.

Tokyo Station Water

Plenty of shade coming across from the buildings and a nice breeze blowing straight up from the Palace area. With the red bricks of Tokyo Station building in the background and the water feature, it makes for a nice rest area in the late afternoons.

The water park is only on during the summer months and certainly gives a matsuri feel to the area. Considering the millions of people moving about underneath and behind this area, the water park is almost acting like an oasis.

These type of open space architecture projects add a lot of charm to the city and bring people together.

Tokyo Station Water

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