Shinjuku Nikon Plaza


I have had dirty marks on my camera mirror for a while now and decided to take it to The Nikon service center to get it cleaned. I went to the center in Shinjuku which is near the station and also near Bic Camera.

Can you spot the marks on this photo I took from the 28th floor of the service center just before getting the camera cleaned? If not, can you see the new Sky Tree? The biggest dirty dot is to the right of that and a little higher than the Sky Tree.

I didn’t have to make an appointment in advance and the cleaning only took 90 minutes, which gave me plenty of time to go and look in BIC Camera at the brochures for the new Sony N7, Nikon D4 and a variety of other new cameras coming out.

I also visited the Epson Print Gallery which is close by. It is amazing in Japan how you can visit so many big brand companies in a 10 minute radius.

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