Shibuya is one of the 23 wards of Tokyo. Its central location near to Harajuku and Shinjuku make it a popular shopping area for young Japanese. Many interesting street fashions can be found in Shibuya, particularly on the weekends.

Shibuya Sakura

Tsutaya with Sakura A really nice day in Tokyo today with Sakura coming into full bloom. I captured these photos near Shibuya crossing. People waiting in front of Hachiko Waiting waiting waiting A nice look at some advertising with sakura Sakura...

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Tokyo Snow

It was snowing in Tokyo today. I was out this morning and took these shots of Shibuya. The snow kept falling until evening when it became a bit more like rain...


Shibuya Station

These HDR picture were taken over a year ago when I first bought my Nikon camera. I took the picture in RAW and remember being disappointed that the picture...


Shibuya Mural

There are many statues and art work displays at the stations in Japan. This mural is located in the walkway underneath Meiji dori heading out from the new...



I am in Australia at the moment and have been visiting my cat, Kiki.

Also, I got time to go the golf range. This is a great place to practice.


Shinjuku skyline

I took some photos from the Excel Hotel in Shibuya and had a go at pasting them together to make a panorama. It’s a bit shaky, but you get to see a wide...


Shibuya Tanabata

Team Shibuya CENTER-GAI is helping Shibuya to celebrate the Tanabata Matsuri by decorating the entrance and streets of Center-gai. The festival runs from July...


Shibuya Station Live

Around the railway stations at night in Japan, you often see the live street performers take up a position and play for the crowd. Some of these performers are...


Old Shibuya Photos

The area around Shibuya station is well known to the millions of people who flow through the train station. What is not so well known by all those people is...


Railway Construction

There has been a lot of railway construction going on recently around Shibuya station. The Fukutoshin (副都心線) line construction was completed between Wako and...


Shibuya Videos

Three really nice videos here of the Shibuya area from eleven23 Shibuya In May from eleven23 on Vimeo. Shibuya May 23 2009 from eleven23 on Vimeo. Shibuya...


Street Interview

Lots of people out again this weekend. I passed by this group conducting street interviews for some tv program. It is surprising how many shows get out into...


Shibuya afternoon

Great weather today and the crowds were out in Shibuya. As well as the many couples, tourists and others, the Hot Pepper mascot was out and about encouraging...


Danny Choo in Shibuya

There is always something interesting going on in Shibuya. Today, I bumped into Danny Choo from who was in Shibuya to do some filming. Many of you will know...

Marketing Shibuya

What’s GREE?

As you can see by these photos, there is a big advertising campaign at Shibuya station for the service called GREE. It is a Japanese based social networking...