Sakura and HDR

A while ago I showed a few HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos on the site which I had taken with my Nikon camera. One photo of HDR is actually made up of 5 shots...


Japan Book

I have been printing a bunch of my photos from recent trips whilst thinking about a book project that has been on my mind for a while. Not sure the final...


Maneki Neko

You will often see many stores have a Fortune Cat (Maneki Neko) outside or near the entrance way. This is supposed to help attract customers to the store and...


Japan Airlines Bankrupt

“Japan Airlines Bankrupt” was the headline news today as JAL entered the Japanese version of the US Chapter 11 Bankruptcy procedure. Its stock...


Site Review

I have been reorganizing the shibuya246.com Site recently and adding a number of new features. Some of you may already have noticed a few of the changes. I...


Nozoki cats?

Looks like these cats in Kyoto are trying to get a peek inside the store. I wonder what they can see?


FX popular with Japanese

I visited the bookstore today to look for a design book and in passing the finance section was surprised to see how many books were being published to help...

Japan Shibuya

Pachinko Promotions

Pachinko is popular throughout Japan and while some of the parlors have ultra-modern architecture and look more like Las Vegas casinos, some still are the old...

Japan Tech

Sharp Ion plasmacluster

Having initially posted about this machine I bought, I see a lot of people searching for information about Sharp’s Ion plasmacluster and thought it would...