Penguin Stadium

Penguin Stadium, Tokyo Station
Penguin Stadium, The Tokyo Station store is now open
Penguin Stadium, Tokyo Station
Penguin Stadium The Tokyo Station store is now open

The Suica Penguin character has a new store opened at Tokyo Station, inside the ticket gates at Yaesu Minami exit. It is called Penguin Stadium or Pensta.

Suica has also joined forces with the electronic payment cards popular in Nagoya and Osaka to allow each system to accept payment using the other cards.

Suica toica Icoca
Suica toica Icoca combination of electronic payment cards from Tokyo Nagoyra and Osaka

Has been a rainy 2 days in Tokyo. Decided it was time to get some snacks, so with my Suica card I bought these.

Japan Snacks
Rilakkuma surveying the cookies

Are you using some form of electronic payment charge cards, other than credit cards?

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  • The integration they’re bragging about doesn’t quite work yet. My Suica didn’t work on the metro in Osaka, so I had to get an ICOCA, and the ICOCA didn’t work on the Keio lines in Tokyo (did work on the JR Lines though)

  • We use a debit card for everything (a card from your bank that pulls directly from your account). I also have a debit card from Paypal, since most of my customers pay that way, I use it like another account. Haven’t seen any charge cards like those yet! (Georgia, USA)

  • Aw, great entry! I love the Suica Penguin. 🙂 I was wondering when or if any character goods with him (or her) would come out. Of course, I’m too old for that kind of thing, but I *cough* may be able to make an exception.

    And Okara cookies!! AWESOME!! With soymilk!! Could this be a vegan snack for under 200 yen??

  • Oh! And, as for your question..other than my debit card, no. Metrocard (our subway pass) doesn’t translate into real cash like Suica and Pasmo (?) do. I suppose some college kids have electronic meal cards and such, but that’s about all i can think of.

  • Penguin Stadium, Japan Technology Will they soon have merchandise associated with it for sale,like everything else? All I use over here is my debit/credit card. Looks like Rilakkuma was hungry,. Did you share w/him? lol 🙂