Dual Monitor Notebook

Dual display monitors for your notebook from Kohjinsha
Dual display monitors for your notebook from Kohjinsha

The notebook PC maker, Kohjinsha (工人舎), has brought out a surprising new feature on its latest compact notebook. It has 2 screens. Despite being a small machine, they have managed to squeeze in a dual monitor display to this well priced model.

The notebook, model number DZ6KH16E, has 2 10.1″ screens with resolution of 1024 x 600. Wow, that is 2048 x 600 pixels if you take it all the way across. Recently, screens are getting super wide aren’t they. Does anyone read down the page anymore?

You can turn both screens around and show your customers a presentation. (photo from www.itmedia.co.jp)

Here is a feature particularly useful. You can turn both screens around and show your customers a presentation. (photo from)
This is a particularly useful feature I Like it

This model goes on sale on Dec 11, 2009, so expect to see it appearing at your local electronics store soon. Pricing is said to be about YEN 79,800 or approximately US$800.

Have a look at this demo from YouTube.

Other features include a web camera, SD memory card reader, 1GB memory, 160GB hard disk memory, biometric fingerprint security, gigabit Ethernet with built in wireless LAN and a port to use electronic pointing devices. All of this in just a B5 size weighing 1.84 kilograms. The standard OS is Windows 7 Home edition.

Here is a clip from the Kohjinsha website showing the product

The Kohjinsha website showing the dual monitor notebook in action.
The Kohjinsha website showing the dual monitor notebook in action.

If you can’t get to the local electronic store, then maybe pick one up from Amazon Japan. I can’t see this showing on the US site yet.

Source: thanks to the following sources for information on this product.

Would you buy a dual screen notebook? Can you imagine using this in a coffee shop? I bet you get some interesting looks.

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  • That is pretty interesting.
    I suppose it’s more portable than having a 17 inch notebook.
    But the usage scenerio they describe i.e for Excell and word purposes you really are relying alot more on vertical space
    than horizontal space. I myself am quite the multi-monitor workstation buff and having applications in full-screen side by side
    is quite a handy thing to have, yet I still wouldnt buy this.
    More of a cultural thing I suppose, for me if i want to do any *real serious* work i`ll do it on my powerfull workstation at home .
    But Japanese people tend to lounge around eat & drink places to get work done so having this would be nice then; but i don’t think it`ll be popular outside of Japan if they even try to sell it outside.

    • I think it looks super cool, but can’t imagine opening it up in Starbucks or McDonalds and have people thinking I am setting up office for the day. What’s next? 4 screens? 🙂

  • RT @Shibuya246: Dual Monitor Notebook, Japan Technology | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/BVOt A cool computer. Wouldn’t mind having 1 like that. Could watch anime on 1 screen and do your work or e-mails or commenting on Shibuya246 🙂 on the other screen. I saw this on the website Gearlog a few days ago. You would deffinately get the stares from people w/this machine.

  • I take it you *have* to use both screens? Or… does one screen slide behind the other so you can just use one screen if you like. That would be clever. I can’t work out if the computer on the right in the last image is the same one or a different, single screen model.

    • One slides behind the other. They look a little flimsy when opened up for both. The computer on the right is the same as the one on the left. Just displaying it when both screens are opened.