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Hello Kitty Latte

Caught this signboard for the new Hello Kitty green tea latte drink at the convenience store. The packaging is fantastic.

Maccha Latte





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usb Hello Kitty

What is in the box? Answer – It is a wonderful gift idea from Hello Kitty …. Although, it doesnt even have to be a gift – you could treat...

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Hello Kitty Golf

Are you a serious Hello Kitty Golf Gear fan? I found this Hello Kitty golf bag on Amazon this morning. I wondered what those with a passion for golf might make...


Japan Phone Chargers

If you want an original phone charger when you come to Japan, these might be for you. A mixture of Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and then original JR train phone...


Mizuho Bank Goods

I was at Mizuho Bank in Shibuya yesterday to change some details on my account. Unlike the ATM’s, getting service at the counter can take a little while...