Sakura Season

Ueno Park, Sakura Hanami
Ueno Park, Sakura Hanami
Ueno Park, Sakura Japan
Ueno Park Sakura Japan

I went out to Ueno Park today to see the Sakura, which are at full bloom. As expected it was crowded with people enjoying the fine weather. There were many groups camped under the trees eating and drinking, with many more walking down the pathway taking photos.

I have a full set of photos I will put up tomorrow. I still haven’t chosen which ones to display. Taking the photos is not the hard part. Choosing which ones get shown and which ones don’t make the cut is the hardest. Need some editorial assistance maybe ^^. I have the Sakura shots down to 74 from the original 400, so will try and pick a final 35 for tomorrow to post.

It was my birthday today, so here is a birthday Sakura shot until I put the rest up tomorrow.

Ueno Park, Sakura Hanami
Ueno Park Sakura Hanami

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