Museum Boy

Museum Boy
Museum Boy
Museum Boy
Museum Boy

I took this shot at the Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum in Yokohama. I have more photos of the trip which I need to go through and sort out, but wanted to share this special shot first.

The boy is actually standing in front of the trains looking directly at them, but his reflection makes it look like he is standing behind the case looking at something else. I first took the shot from behind the train looking through the case at the boy and then came around with the intent of taking the train only. I was surprised to see this great result on the cameras LCD display.

I had started the day using my Canon Powershot G10 and switched to the Nikon D700 when I saw everyone was enjoying themselves so much we were going to be in the museum for a while. The Museum, like the Anpanman museum we visited, had a very relaxed policy on cameras. Basically you could photograph and film whatever you wanted.

More photos of the Museum visit coming up shortly.
More photos of the Museum visit coming up shortly

Do you prefer to shoot with a light handheld camera or a heavier traditional lens camera?

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