Tokyo water fountain
Tokyo water fountain

Water in Park

Tokyo water fountain
Tokyo water fountain

I have been busy this week with getting my visa extension application organized. I have a business management / investment visa, which means there is a bit of documentation required on the company side for extending the visa. I had been a bit late in getting the tax returns in for the company (not a good thing) and so have been left rushing around to get all the documents stamped and submitted before the deadline tomorrow.

I will be at the Immigration office early tomorrow to hand the documents in once I have delivered them to the tax office and received the official stamp from them. Luckily its easy to get around from the various places in Tokyo. The Yamanote Line is a great friend.


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  • Water in Park, Japan Living A neat looking park. Do you have more photos of this to show? And all those copies you had to put your stamp on. Not good to leave it till the last moment. In my area we don’t have train service. Just have to get in the ole car and drive to the tax office. Or as we did file our taxes online. Are you able to do that in Japan?

    If I could ask a favor of you , seeing my wife and I just started our web log, if you have time to visit it. Could we do a link exchange? If you could leave us a comment on the site, or send me an e-mail.
    your friend.
    ja mata ne

    • Thanks. will take a look at it now. Yes, offices are close by, but after visiting 2 city hall offices, 1 corporate registration office, another separate document registration place, the accountants a few times, immigration many times and now tomorrow I have to run the documents to two separate tax offices, I feel like the train line is making money out of me 🙂

      Just took a look. I liked the kitkats article