Ear Cleaning Service

Ear Cleaning Service
Ear Cleaning Service
Ear Cleaning Service
You can find almost any kind of service in Japan from the mundane to the obscure. This is the land of maid cafes, muscle-building theme parks, cosplay and pet rental services by the hour not to mention the rental plastic sex dolls.

I recently discovered another service available, that of Mimi-kaki (耳かき) or simply, ear cleaning service. Yes, it is now possible to visit a —– an ear cleaner, I guess —– and pay 3,000 yen (approx $30) to rest your head on the lap of a girl and have your ear cleaned for 30 minutes.

The company offering the service is called Ear-Station (イヤーステーション) and is located near Ueno Station in Tokyo. The webpage is http://earstation.main.jp.

You get to choose whether you want the girl to wear a business suit or Yukata (浴衣) as in the photo.

What surprised me more than seeing the service itself was that on their website where they showed the profiles of the girls, they had a rating system pointing out the width of the girls lap-space, which seems to range from about 26 to 30cm, and the elasticity of her lap (ひざの弾力).

The elasticity level comes in a 3 star rating. Discovering how they measure the elasticity of a girl’s lap may be worth the entrance money alone!

Anyone who makes a visit let me know how it went.

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