Customers lining up to get some fresh mochi

Pachinko Store

Espace Pachinko Parlor

Pachinko stores are popular all year round in Japan. At New Year many of the stores give gifts to their customers and wish them a Happy New Year. This store was making and giving out free mochi as a promotion.

Customers lining up to get some fresh mochi
Making the mochi in the street Hope nothing falls in the bowl
Plenty of help in making the mochi the guys in blue are from the store and lots of customers lining up
A quick peek inside the store Seems to be more people lining up for mochi than playing pachinko right now

Are you a fan of mochi?

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  • I discovered mochi for the first time while in Singapore. I’ve even had an ice cream mochi. The stuff is good. I can’t eat more than a few pieces at a time though. If I do the taste isn’t as… exciting I guess. Definitely can’t overdo it.

  • Saw people making it at a Jp school fair.
    The cook was apparently a good one from a japanese restaurant.

    They did hit the stuff really hard! Funny!

  • RT @tweetmeme Pachinko Store, Japan Living | Shibuya246 I’ve never had mochi before looks good though. Is this pachiko parlar near center gai? It looks like the area, even though I’ve nerver been there, I feel like I have. With all the health risks they don’t seem to be concerned, ex; not wearing gloves on the hands or the wearing of hair nets while preparing food stuffs. Do they have those kinds of regulations there in Japan?
    On another subject, when I log in the dropdown doesn’t stay on the screen because I use a program called TypeItIn, I have to do it manually. Also when I log in my avatar doesn’t show up, have to refresh the page to make it appear. Could you check on that? Thanks,
    Have a great week
    ja ne