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I have had some email feedback that the RSS feed is getting too big and people are having trouble with it in their RSS readers.

I have asked on Twitter and most people seem to want the full RSS feed still available. I thought it best to ask here so that all those reading the feed can see the topic and also add their opinions.

Do people want to see the full feed or do you prefer a shortened down excerpt version? It was suggested I have two versions and can look at possibility of that also. It might cause some confusion with some people.

For those who don’t know what an RSS feed is or are not sure where to find it, this is the feed for

The RSS feed allows you to read the contents of this Site in an RSS reader, on or offline.


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  • was going to add a photo, but the upload thing wasn’t showing on the page – my ojime tiger for 2010 – bought him in 1985.

  • I couldnt chose two options in the poll so my awnser is : Both coming directly to the site and Twitter.
    Usually when i’m on the go i check my twitter alot; if you happen to post an update with a link to the article on the site i`ll check it out that way. Or when i have some free moments at work I check the site too and even read the new comments on older posts.
    So it’s a combination of both that. I don’t use RSS, and I do believe that with sites using Twitter now that RSS will fade away gradually.

    • I think the RSS framework needs some rethinking as to how it should be used. Just like Twitter, it is being used now for many different purposes than it was originally intended. Got to be flexible to survive 😉

  • Come here directly, it’s not difficult to remember your URL.
    Also come time to time via Twitter, when the title is catchy

  • I read through a feed reader.. that’s the only way I can organize and to remember reading all my favorite blogs.

  • I don’t mind whether its partial or full. If I need to choose, I would prefer partial because I like to visit the site instead of reading it through feed reader. Why not provide both ? There are a couple of websites that provide both partial and full so readers can pick.

  • RT @tweetmeme RSS Feed, Full or Partial, Japan Site Review | Shibuya246 I use both Twitter and RSS FEED. So I really don’t have any problems w/either. I actually enjoy the full RSS.

  • Use Safari’s built in RSS so I have the choice of the size of the article length of the feed….just have to work out how to keep the article size feed at the ‘small’ length!
    Choice is good if it s do-able at your end!

    If you are going to do some tinkering with settings, is it possible to automatically subscribe to a blog thread re follow up comments instead of having to click the button at the bottom of the page? (even if it is set in your profile settings to again allow some choice?)