Site Review, May 2009

To help make the site better for all visitors, I have published below some visitor traffic numbers for the site Currently, the site is averaging between 500 – 1,000 visitors per day with about 150 repeat visitors per day.

Visitor numbers for, May 2009
Visitor numbers for shibuya246com May 2009

I will try and keep this updated each month to show the growth of the site and also record development progress of the site based on the analysis of these numbers.

The current stats shown are for a 1 week period. The next update will show stats for a full month. I will a more complete set of graphs at that time, showing visitor numbers for the month and popular posts.

Browser Type

Browser Stats, May 09 for
Browser Stats May 09 for shibuya246com

Operating System, Browser combination

OS / Browser Stats, May 09 for
OS Browser Stats May 09 for shibuya246com

Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution Stats, May 09 for
Screen Resolution Stats May 09 for shibuya246com

It looks like numbers are picking up and the majority of viewers are using FireFox as their preferred browser. I am also using FireFox at home and using an iphone when out. I normally check the site in Internet Explorer ver. 7.0 and also in Safari (on a windows machine). With 9.73% of viewers using a Safari / Mac combination and 11% on FF/Max I should think about getting a Macintosh to check the site also.

For iphone users, I installed a custom theme to make the downloading and viewing faster. Hope this is working ok for everyone?

With such a large percentage of viewers (over 40%) having screen heights of 768 or 800 pixels, I will revisit the design of the pages to show more content above the fold. In particular I will take a look at the header and find another way to show the images without getting in the way of the content.

Since all screen resolutions seem capable of a wide view, I will increase the screen content space from the current 910px to 990px. I will also reduce the border on the current design so that photos can be wider.

Ideas, Comments
If you have any ideas and comments for the design, layout or content for the site, let me know. is always looking to improve and provide great content for its loyal viewers. Thanks to you all.


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