Site Review, Jul 2009


We have seen some more increases in traffic this month which is always good to see. Last month we saw a total of 24,655 unique visitors for the month, averaging 822, whereas this month that figure has increased to 29,964 unique visitors, averaging 967 per day.

It is good to see the returning visitor average up from 4,360 to 5,640 as well.

Visitor numbers for, June 2009
Visitor numbers for shibuya246com June 2009

RSS Feed
RSS numbers are still increasingly strongly for the main site feed, currently at just under 2,000 subscribers. Twitter Followers have broken 16,000. I am following everyone back who follows me at the moment. Not sure if that is still the correct way to do things, but will see what happens to Twitter in the future.

RSS stats for 2009
RSS stats for 2009

FireFox is still leading the preferred browser race, but I did notice when visiting a friend that some pages of the site wouldn’t open on IE because of a security problem. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

I added the new Feature Photo section recently and the photos have had a lot of traffic. Thanks to everyone for hitting the ‘digg’, ‘reddit’ and ‘stumbleupon’ buttons. Much appreciated.

A ‘Favorites Video’ section was also started and this has been popular as well. I am still thinking about how best to show the image of the video as a thumbnail on the front page of the site. Anyone got any ideas?

Twitter Followers are going strong and it is always great to get some ReTweet support. Thanks to everyone who has been tweeting with me.

A lot of people have mentioned they would like to buy some magazines or Rilakkuma, Mameshiba products I have talked about on the site. I am looking into how that could be done and will try to find a solution this month.

I am also trying to improve the ‘logged in’ comments section and give a better all-round experience for those who become members of the site. This will involve some giveaways, contests and quizzes as well. Look out for these over the coming months.

Ideas, Comments
As always, if you have any ideas and comments for the design, layout or content for the site, let me know. Thanks to you all for another good month.


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  • Love your site, as usual 😀
    Anyway, for the ‘Favorite Video’ section, if you don’t feel like generating your own video thumbnails (i.e. Youtube ones), you can use the default thumbnails. They can be found at There’s also 2.jpg and 3.jpg.

    Maybe you can write a filter or something in WordPress to convert the video URL into the thumbnail URL ^^

  • RT @Shibuya246: Site Review, Jul 2009 | Japan | Shibuya246 Sure am glad I found your site. It always makes my day, thanks.
    I wish I could remember how I came upon your great site, it really,really makes for a good day. I,m glad the viewer stats keep going up.
    As you know I’m a fan of the conbini monday,and the Shibuya streets articles 🙂 those are the most fun. All your other articles are just as great 🙂 . It’s just the first 2 are faves.
    The website I’ve listed is actually my wifes site. she has so many things going on, no she’s involved with the tv program on CBS, called Big Brother a big hit over here, she has it listed on her site.
    She has done all this on here own, which is a big job. She taught herslf how to do Html,and all the other things by hand.
    Sorry for the long comment, but just thought I’d let you know.
    Your friend.

    • Always great to hear from you and nice to know what other people are working on as well. Your wife has done a good job with the site. great for her to study html herself and make it all.

      Will have a conbini monday out today and some more shibuya streets coming up soon. 🙂

      thanks for all the support