Shibuya Streets Vol.3

DJ Lilly a.k.a Double keeping it hot this summer in her second virgin mix
DJ Lilly a.k.a Double keeping it hot this summer in her second virgin mix

If you have been following the Shibuya Streets series you will have seen quite a few of the advertising trucks in the shots.

This week we are taking a look at a few more rolling billboards at Shibuya Streets.

Here comes the Happy Mail love truck. The ad copy here says “have you been in love recently?”, “the next generation love communication site” and “the top class number of users in Japan”.

See the usage of the 3D bar code and also the ‘keyword text’ in the search engine box.
Let it go, Double (new single)
Let it go, Double (new single)

Most of the advertising trucks seem to be for either music releases or internet advertising. I haven’t seen Nike or adidas sporting brands yet, and certainly don’t expect to see Cartier or Louis Vuitton advertising in this way any time soon.

At some point I am sure there will be some sort of regulation on this type of advertising which clutters the road with trucks that don’t need to go anywhere. When many companies are talking about Eco and CoolBiz, it seems like these advertising trucks are traveling in the opposite direction.

What’s are your thoughts?

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  • i guess it’s normal. i recall this being an issue before, though. the bright colors become a distraction for drivers and may cause accidents.

  • RT @Shibuya246: Shibuya Streets Vol.3 | Japan | Shibuya246 very colorful indeed. Around here we have what’s called a sign ordinance. It make the advertisers think of what they will put up, and how high the signs will be and how long they will be up. I can see these as being a distraction while driving. must be able to concentrate on your driving, don’t want to cause an accident while driving. Also in our neck of the woods if a truck w/adverts or if they are not delivering to that area have to take an alternate route. They may have to come up with the same type of thing there. But those adverts are quite colorful and do stand out.