Sunny Day in Shibuya – What’s Love JUJU ?

JUJU album campaign
JUJU album campaign
A nice change from the rain today as the sun comes out in force. Plenty of people on the street and a new campaign ad up at 109 for the music artist JUJU.

What’s Love JUJU ?

The 109 building is a popular place for billboard adverts as the building catches your eye from the main Shibuya crossroads up towards the fork in the road towards Dogenzaka. The bottom area of this building normally has promotion events and live music events on the weekend also.

If you don’t know JUJU then here is a quick clip to get you started:

The release date is March 4, which sees the following artists also releasing albums:
Nakashima Mika, best album, No More Rules
Kalafina’s, Seventh Heaven
Lacrimosa (and KHR’s Mukuro/Chrome character single)

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