Rilakkuma Golf

Pictures from the San-x website
Pictures from the San x website

San-x company have brought out a range of products for the golf. If you are a Rilakkuma fan who plays golf then these goodies will surely be on your shopping list.

The San-x Rilakkuma Golf store site has many other items also.

Also, a line of beauty products for the Rilakkuma brand was also released

picture from san-x website
picture from san x website

Here is the link to the Rilakkuma Beauty Care range site details (Japanese language only)

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  • かわいい! I'm a big Rilakkuma fan, when I visited Tokyo last year I bought one for myself, as a future birthday gift. I waited 5 months to open it 🙂

    I bought it in Kiddyland, a cute small store in Omotesando,

    • the kiddlyand store is good. Rilakkuma now has his own store at Tokyo station and also in Osaka. lots to choose from. I may go down there again next week. 🙂

  • Konnichiwa,
    Thanks to you and san-x Rilakkuna is becoming quite the popular little guy. keep him with you just like Danny does with his figmas and nendroids that he takes with him everywhere he goes.
    BTW, do you attend all the CGM's there in Japan? Would like to see a feature of you there. They sure look like alot of fun, wish I could be there. Also I got my 411 on Domo kun from Tokyo Pop website, and will keep you posted.B)