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Not sure why she is riding the club here?

I recently wrote about the gaining popularity of golf with Japanese girls. Today, I received a promotion mail this morning from ALBA.Net, the publishers of the ALBA and REGINA golf magazines in Japan. They also run various golf competitions including the G1 tournament.


The promotion copy says “Take Me Out To The Golf Course” (私をゴルフにつれてって) and the event is in its second season.

To get a round of golf with one of these girls you need to make a booking through the ALBA web site and then go in the draw. The more bookings you make the more chance you have to take one of them to the course!

It should be noted the girls appear to have been chosen for their looks rather than their golf score. Entry No.8, Kyoko Suzuki has a best score of 115 and Midori Nakajima has a best score of 145. On a bad day she might score 200+

The girls have their own blog page (Japanese language) to keep you up-to-date with their activities. http://alba-girls-blog2.alba.co.jp/

For a look at other golf photos by these girls you can catch them at http://photo.alba.co.jp/?q=gal

Here are some samples from their website to pique your interest:

Not sure why she is riding the club here?
Not sure why she is riding the club here
Nice gold golf ball!!
Nice gold golf ball
The winner of the outfit contest
The winner of the outfit contest
Working that follow through
Working that follow through
Last minute practice
Last minute practice

If you want to play golf with some foreigners in Japan you can take a look at the community of gaijin golfers at http://gaijingolfers.com

Which entry number girl golfer would you like to play a a round with? I wonder if they run a competition where female golfers get to play with hot male golfers who shoot in the 200’s?

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