Rilakkuma at the Zoo

You might know Rilakkuma, but you have probably never seen him playing like this?

The monkey here was born at the zoo. The mother monkey would protect the child from danger, but didn’t take care of teaching it or generally taking care of it. The zoo staff took care of the monkey, but in the end Rilakkuma befriended the monkey and began acting as its friend? mother?

Ichikawa Zoo
Here is a link to the zoos homepage showing Rilakkuma in the photos with the monkey

and the main link to thezoo home page (Japanese language only)

The address for the zoo is 市川市大町284番地 Ichikawa-shi in Chiba-ken (close to the Chuo Racetrack). The phone number is 047-338-1960.

My Rilakkuma was not amused !
My Rilakkuma was not amused !

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