Can eco choco save the planet?

Many countries are looking at ways they can help reduce the harm we cause on the environment through consumption of resources and how we dispose of them after use. In Japan, for a few years, there has been a big “eco” campaign by many manufacturers and service companies. The overuse of the term “eco” for products has made the word seem more like a marketing slogan than a plea for help from the consumer to participate in saving the planet.

We have seen eco cars, eco air-conditioners, eco tv sets, eco fridges. I even saw an eco insurance policy on tv but didn’t investigate how that worked.

Now from Lotte, we have the eco choco. A chocolate made from the Forests of Brazil that is kind to the planet. “ブラジルの森で育て、地球にやさしいチョコレート”.


The cacao for the chocolate is sourced from the Brazilian forest under the banner of the Rainforest Alliance.

If you like your Lotte chocolate and you believe you can help the environment by eating this chocolate rather than other types, then eco choco is for you.

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News release from Lotte:

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  • I prefer Ghana. From Africa. Contains lead, but it's delicious. Mmmm. (And eco-chocolate is a joke, as we are all well aware.) ^_^

  • In the top left hand corner of the packet is a logo with a frog on it in a green circle – it sort of reminded me of the starbucks logo – and wondered whether it had been placed there deliberately as a marketing piggyback ?
    What do you think?

  • Hmm, it should be "sustainable" rather than "eco", but "eco" is a much more trendy term.

    Last couple of times in Europe I saw a lot of tea is tagged as "fairtrade", but I've never seen that in Japan.

    • True, sustainable makes more sense. I haven't seen "fairtrade" in Japan either and haven't really heard any news about problems with the image of fairtrade for Japan. It is interesting how different regions promote different causes.

    • Yes, the marketing message is a strong one which the consumers respond to. The actual equipment specs dont also match the expectation of that message.

    • I think since the cacao used is from the forest where they are replenishing the vegetation rather than using it once and then it not existing again, that it is therefore beneficial. A sustainable food source.