Do you prefer Chocolate or Caramel Beer?

img_2083We are passed Valentine’s Day now but one product which has proven a hit and is sticking around long after the novelty should have worn off is Sweet Beer. There are two stand out types with a number of brands competing for market share.

The two types on offer are Caramel Beer and Chocolate Beer.

What started off as an idea by local brewers to help boost production around Valentine’s Day has proven to be a popular commodity and now the bigger brewers are launching their own sweet brews.

DIME Magazine in their May 2009 edition recently published an article on the various brands that are available. Here is what they had to say:

What's your taste in Sweet Beer? from DIME Magazine May, 2009
Whats your taste in Sweet Beer from DIME Magazine May 2009

Of the 6 brands on display, the Beer at the far left is produced by Brew Master ( and is called Caramel Porter. It retails for YEN 630 and is a full 330ml of “Sugar Premium Handmade”. It was only just released on April 1, 2009. It is said to be the least sweet of the 3 Caramel beers shown.

The beer next to the Caramel Porter is produced by Iwate Kura Beer ( and is called Caramel Ale. It retails for YEN 500 and is a middle class sweetened Beer.

The 200ml bottle of Caramel Beer in the middle is made by Tokachi Beer ( and is called Caramel Sweet. It retails for YEN 630 and is the sweetest Beer shown. DIME say that women in their 20’s would favor this beer if they like cocktails. It went on sale on Feb 1, 2009.

Looking at the Chocolate Beers, starting in the middle, the Beer made by Matsushita Shuzo ( called White Chocolate. It retails for YEN 473. It is the sweetest of the 3 chocolate beers but not as sweet as the “Caramel Sweet” was reported to be.

The next Chocolate Beer along is made by Chojugura ( and is called Chocola Premium. It has an open price but is pitched at YEN 660 for a 330ml bottle. It is said to contain Belgium chocolates which give it a mildly sweet taste.

The final Beer on the right is made by Koyumitsuru ( and is called Chocola Malt. It retails for YEN 550 and is a hand brewed mildly sweet tasting beer of a limited collection from 2,000 bottles.

Whatever your taste in Beer it looks like if you have a sweet tooth then there is plenty of choice for you here. If you want to give the alcohol a miss altogether but still have a thirst for beer then here is the answer. From the same edition of DIME you get a great writeup on the new KIRIN FREE Alcohol Free Beer.

KIRIN FREE Alchohol Free Beer, DIME Magazine, May 2009
KIRIN FREE Alchohol Free Beer DIME Magazine May 2009

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