gumi candy

I found these two packages at the convenience store when I was in Sendai. They are both gumi (グミ) candy from Senjaku. What makes them interesting is that they both display prominently the prefecture where they source the fruit from.

gumi candy
gumi candy

The package on the right is cherry gumi’s from Yamagata-ken (山形県).

On the left is the citrus fruit called Hyuganatsu 日向夏 (ヒュウガナツ). It is native to Miyazaki-ken (宮崎県) where currently the Governor HigashiKokubara (東国原) is actively trying to promote the produce of Miyazaki-ken.

Governor HigashiKokubara homepage
Miyazaki-ken Governor official page

Official Blog of Gov. HigashiKokubara, Miyazaki-ken
Official Blog of Gov. HigashiKokubara, Miyazaki-ken

Both the gumi packs contain Collagen (コラーゲン) which is popular in candy at the moment as a way of promoting the sweets as healthy.

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  • I dont believe it sweets that contain collagen ?
    I like the idea of the Gov. getting behind the local produce – does he have to make sure he helps the local producers all out equally ? I wonder if there is a special lobby process involved…..? Maybe he just loved the gumi ! Maybe he gets free samples …. bet he looks young!

    • This is from Wikipedia on collagen
      "If collagen is sufficiently hydrolyzed, the three tropocollagen strands separate partially or completely into globular domains, containing a different secondary structure to the normal collagen polyproline II (PPII), e.g. random coils. This process describes the formation of gelatin, which is used in many foods, including flavored gelatin desserts."
      They also say there is no scientific proof that these foods benefit people and that the foods are often lacking in other essential sources of nutrients.