Koji Genba (工事現場)

img_1327-1I recently bought a new USB device that basically does nothing. Actually it lights up 3 cones and moves the arm on a stick man for the Koji Genba setup.

It is a product from Koyoi Brothers (こよい兄弟) http://www.koyoi.jp. More information directly on the product can be found at the sales company, http://www.wizinc.co.jp/products/koyoi_003.html

Still in the packaging
Still in the packaging

It is not really of much use to my work but it does provide some light relief.

Lighting up my PC
Lighting up my PC

The product is representative of the Japanese Koji Genba (工事現場) or Roadwork site. Most of Japan’s roadwork is done at night time and you can see the setup of cones, boards and often a mechanical workmen with a waving arm, to warn motorists to slow down going past the roadworks.

Sometimes a live workmen waves the baton to move motorists on, but the mechanical version is very common.


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