Hello Kitty Golf

Are you a serious Hello Kitty Golf Gear fan? I found this Hello Kitty golf bag on Amazon this morning. I wondered what those with a passion for golf might make of this branding scenario on the case for clubs.

Previously, Shibuya246 readers would have seen the fantastic Hello Kitty putters. I will have to check and see if the putters are on Amazon too … in the meantime what do you make of these wonderful golf bags?

Hello Kitty Golf

They are a bit glitzy for the boys but in the recent cutsy girl golf boom, they could be the trend on the golf ranges in Tokyo or Chiba, or further a field. Can you let me know if you have seen Hello Kitty on the golfing range?

What golfing gear do you like?
Is this bag good value?

The ability of Sanrio to license the brand and it be used on goods from golf bags to violins to cookies is amazing! What a business model.

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