Pinocchio Dals

I recently went back to Tokyo Disneyland. I love the atmosphere and it makes for an easy day when you have six kids.

We bumped into a team of characters. It was great to see Snow White and the Dwarfs, Cruella de Ville by herself (she ate the dogs for breakfast) and Pinocchio and the gang. I must post some photos on my site shortly. Life has been very busy recently. Travelling with six kids has meant the Kimonobox Blog has been on the back burner for a while. This has got to change.

In the meantime, do you have a favourite Disney character? I am a fan of the fairy godmother in Cinderella …. I think everyone needs one!

But this little chap also is a popular guy!

I was interested to hear that a new Pinocchio doll will be released shortly.

The date is March 20, 2010 on Amazon but it can be pre-ordered for those interested.

Do you collect dolls? Are you a fan of Disney?

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