Lifesize Gundam, Hyper Hybrid

Do you remember the huge 1/1 Gundam RX78 that stood in Odaiba, Tokyo in late summer 2009?

It was so popular at the time that thousands of visitors flocked to the scene and there was even a gorgeous Gundam wedding held there. I am placing the link to the Odaiba Gundam Wedding on Shibuya246 for you to recollect the memories – what a special day!!! I love the light and angle of these photos!!

Anyhow, browsing along as I like to do, I wondered what popular Gundam toys were available online at Amazon. My nephew turns 6 shortly and I would like to surprise him. But I was more than surprised to find out that you can order a lifesize Gundam from Amazon.

What ever next? Amazon Japan never fails to amaze me!!

By the way, the girls are not for sale!!

But the lifesize Gundam would I am sure make a great purchase for those in entertainment or retail perhaps?

How would you use a figure like this?

Well, perhaps it is not the present I was looking for to send to my nephew but all the same, what a find on Amazon!!


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