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img1In a year of economic downturn, this years group of university graduates looking for a job must be finding things very tough.

Companies seem to be busy cutting jobs rather than hiring new new staff so the graduate pool have to find ways to save money in difficult times.

A survey by the Real Estate Information portal site called “HOME’S” looks at the type of accommodation new recruits are looking for.

On average the survey show that those new recruits who are planing to move away from home and start living by themselves for the first time, from April, will generally be looking for a 1K apartment. 1K means one room with a separate kitchen included. The kitchen will probably be in the corridor near the front door. Typically a 1K apartment may be about 8 mats (8畳) about 13 sq. meters.

The survey shows that 50% of new recruits will look for this type of room at a cost of about YEN 50,000 – 70,000. The survey doesn’t cover this point, but I imagine they will have to travel between 30 minutes to 1 hour to get to work.

A further 18.8% will look for a 1DK apartment, 1 room with separate Dining and Kitchen area. This will be slightly bigger than the 1K but not much. 16% will look for a 1Room apartment which will be about 6 mats (6畳) or approx. 10 sq. meters.

The size for sq. meters are not exact due to the differing way Japanese measure their tatami mats, which has been the traditional way of determining size of room. The mats are not uniform in size throughout the country or with manufacturers. The proportion used to be in an even 1:2 ratio, but more recently with architectural design changes the following types of mats have gained popularity:

    The meter module (メーターモジュール) measuring 1m×2m
    The Kyoma (京間),Honmae (本間) and Honkenma (本間間) measuring 95.5cm×1m91cm
    The Chukyoma (中京間) and Saburokuma (三六間) measuring 91cm×1m82cm
    The Edoma (江戸間), Kantoma (関東間) and Gohachima (五八間) measuring 88cm×1m76cm
    The Danchima (団地間), Koudan-size (公団サイズ) and Gorokuma (五六間) measuring 85cm×1m70cm

The Danchima has been used widely as a mat size.

Here is a typical diagram of a Japanese apartment layout.

2DK apartment in Japan (2 rooms + DK)
2DK apartment in Japan 2 rooms + DK

Thanks to World Fudosan for this explanation

The survey reveals a ranking of the average monthly rental expected to be paid based on the job type as follows:

    Trading Co. 65,500 Yen
    Advertising, Media 64,900 Yen
    Real Estate 63,300 Yen
    IT 62,700 Yen
    Finance 62,500 Yen
    Medical 61,800 Yen
    Human Resources 61,100 Yen
    Insurance 60,000 Yen
    Travel Agency 60,000 Yen
    Construction 59,600 Yen

Not surprising to see the finance industry outside of the top 3.

A final note from the survey is that of the main things people want to do when they rent their first apartment, the number 1 item was to get my own furniture while the number 2 and 3 spots went to invite friends over and invite girlfriend/boyfriend over.

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  • wow those are surprising LOW monthly rents. My apartment is a little more than twice that and I would not consider it to be especially expensive by tokyo standards, i’ve always considered it to be on the more expensive end of average for a single. In fact I would say it’s hard to find a decent place under 75,000yen in the tokyo ward area. I guess that’s why so many people live quite far out. I guess living and commuting in the more expensive areas like shinjuku, shibuya, azabu, akasaka etc have spoiled me and seriously screwed up my perception of money.

  • now that I read it again, I noticed this may be a nationwide survey and not necessarily accurate for Tokyo. In which case it would make more sense. I sometimes forget that Japan is not just Tokyo XD