Rilakkuma FREE bath salts

Lawson has a promotion on at the moment giving away free packets of Rilakkuma bath salts when you buy some candy. Rilakkuma was created by San-x 5 years ago in 2003, and supposedly was created with the idea of getting Japanese office workers to relax more. The bath salt connection would certainly seem to fit in to that idea. Here are the bath salt package designs. As always with Japanese characters, very cute.

Sakura scent. Note the warning on THIS CAN NOT BE EATEN.
Sakura scent Note the warning on THIS CAN NOT BE EATEN
Yuzu scent
Lemon scent

For those who want to get to know Rilakkuma better and stay with him and friends, Royal Park Hotel have a Rilakkuma themed room you can stay in. There is a great article about this at CScout

Jasmin scent

and here is the pack of candy I bought

Green Apple, Lemon and Peach flavours.
Green Apple, Lemon and Peach flavours.
As the tag line says Everyday life with those things you like

and for good measure here is the pack of Potato Chips, I mean Rice Chips that I bought. This is a new product out and the taste wasnt bad, but the look of the chips might need a little more work.
Rice Chips
Rice Chips

Here is the link to Niigata Chips in Japanese. The chips come in 4 flavours, curry, light, seaweed and soya sauce.

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