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Mameshiba is a mascot character series created by Dentsu which has taken off as a series of hit products. There are 20 characters in total. The above picture is a mobile phone holder Mameshiba.

Is it a soy bean? Or is it a dog? It’s not exactly either. It’s a very strange, but very cute, creature that has the body of a bean and the face of a dog. It’s called Mameshiba.


Recently there are a number of TV adverts for the character also which is unusual because normally characters are used to back up a product they are promoting, whereas in the mameshiba adverts there is no product. The advert is to promote the character.

The official home page has some interesting videos to watch of Mameshiba 豆しば and the products page shows many different mameshiba goods.

Here is another site promoting them

and from YouTube here is one of the adverts

You can help yourself to some Mameshiba products at J-List

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