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Best 4 Japanese Money Boxes

Savings, Piggy banks, Chokin, money boxes …. they are all a great way to help teach your kids the disciplines of money!! These special cool picks are a wonderful way of saving and teaching counting at the same time. Which one is your favourite?

Rilakkuma is so cute …. and has a large fan base in Japan. How about in your country is Rilakkuma a popular bear?

This picture details how the counting works when you insert your coins to the box.

Here are some other character boxes. Click on the photo for the link direct to Amazon. The prices online are good.

One Piece …. this is my family’s favourite counting box. Go One Piece. Check out the hats online for One Piece too.

We were a bit silly not to buy our One Piece Hat online — it would have saved us $$$$ . So much cheaper at Amazon than in the Yokohama store we visited ….. but as everything it was a spur of the moment purchase and when we got home we realised the folly of our ways.

This is one cool bean. I am amazed at how successful the characterization of a green bean was in Japan. There have been many furry toys, stories and games made out of this little fella. Do you have a vegetable that has become a popular character with kids in your country?

Which one is your cool pick?

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shayyy February 3, 2010 at 9:34 pm

I definitely want the Gachapin one =) These are cool but I still like Facebank best…he eats my coins! IMG:


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