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Meiji Fran in 2 new flavors

Meiji Fran - Mix Berry and Apricot
Meiji Fran - Mix Berry and Apricot
Meiji Fran Mix Berry and Apricot
Meiji have launched 2 new flavors under their Fran line of chocolate sticks. They are Mix Berry and Apricot. It might not seem like they go too well with chocolate, but I can assure you the taste is good. The basic Fran product is a cocoa biscuit stick and dipped in chocolate and then dipped again in a fruity mix chocolate.

The result is a very tasty sweet.

When I was looking at the new product on the Meiji website I came across the following page:
where Meiji allow you to use their official Fran web mark. It was interesting because obviously Meiji are becoming aware of the importance of the internet as a marketing forum and are trying to take part in that, but at the same time, the mark they offer you doesn’t seem to promote anything. It looks like a good idea to use the internet might have got passed on so far down the line that it came out as a blank nothing.

Here is the mark:

A picture of the product packaging or an official chocolate stick logo might be more worthwhile. Maybe releasing the advert for the product as an official allowed to be used video could be useful, although you can find that on Youtube already.

It makes an interesting point as to how much manufacturers or retailers are willing to let their copyright be used without their consent, as long as it is promoting their own purpose and how quickly they might not allow that if the purpose was detrimental to them. As the internet advances in its uses as well as its technological capacity, we may see a new class of copyright where information once released to the public in the form of a marketing campaign could in effect be owned by the public for certain uses.

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