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I have been printing a bunch of my photos from recent trips whilst thinking about a book project that has been on my mind for a while. Not sure the final direction the book will take yet, but the photos are starting to give some sort of guidance when I look at them.

What sort of book would you like to see about Japan?

Fukui Sunset
Fukui Sunset

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  • First book I would like to see is one on the various foods you see in different regions. Japan’s cuisine is so vast and varied that I think it would be a good start.

    • Foods are certainly good. I like to eat. I will try and work food into a book in some way for sure. I might not know enough about the local cuisine to make a definitive guide, but food should get a mention.

  • Personally, I would be ECSTATIC if you were to publish your work in a book. I’m not one for buying photo books, but if it was your photography I would snatch up several to keep forever. Your work is too stunning and captivating to just keep online. That’s my hope! If you decide not, well…I’ll mourn the lost opportunity but I’ll still love your work all the same! Best of luck to you, and safe and happy traveling!

  • I agree…a regional food based book would be excellent! (Perdomot beat me to the punch)

    Also, an ‘off the beaten track’ style of ‘tourist’ book would be interesting. Your trips are not typically tourist like (given you are both a foreigner and a local if that makes sense) and the places you visit are different to what mainstream tourists are presented with.

    Also, (whilst Im at it), I would love to see a walking tour style book (from the perspective of someone who actually knows the area) of the ‘unusual and not so tourist like’ Akihabara as Im a closet otaku!

    Are you thinking print or electronic? (would love a couple of photo books or my ipad!)

  • We can make suggestions, but cannot get your mind off its track.
    Maybe place a few more stops here and there?

    A lot of your pictures are really good, with a nice sense of moment&feeling (that I appreciate/value very much).

    To me you are in too early stages, and sincerely I couldn’t tell what I want righ now.

    As Tristan said, you are out of the mass and with a foreing eye (even if 20+ yrs have crafted you to spot the essential from the usual touristy fingy/ classic cultural differences with western countries’). He is right on that!

    I can only be happy to read this post and to hear you are determined to do this, giving us the opportunity for better tuning this project!
    I believe it’s a “you” thing, and you should let yourself flow in it, live it for a while.


    Maybe post a mini-draft?

    • Much appreciate all the comments and thoughts. I have about 5 book ideas in my head so need to prioritize and focus. If the first one succeeds it will lead to more, so I want to bounce around as many ideas as I can before committing.

      The first book will definitely be focused around the pictures and places I have visited, but will not be the definitive guidebook to Japan, more the “Lets have some fun and see another side of Japan” type book. I might miss out some well known landmarks but pick up things other books dont get chance to mention.

  • I’d love to see you create a photo book about the city life in Tokyo!:D I really enjoy your Shibuya pictures, I would love to buy a photo book like that!XD

    • I havent done a Shibuya Streets post for a while. I will fix that very soon. A book of city streets and people could be very nice, starting out from the Shibuya area. Thanks 🙂

      • Since Tokyo has so many sub-cities like Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc., this is also a good idea for folks wanting to travel to Japan. Most guide books simply don’t offer enough pics to help travelers ID where they are so it would be very helpful plus if you throw in enough pics of out of the way areas it would really be nice.

  • For me it would have to be a book about daily life, nothing touristy just simple honest pictures of people going about their daily lives (with a brief outline providing context). The food part would also play a big part, because lets face it, we all love to eat. But not the 1,000,000 yen meals you see on so many websites. Again, just simple honest food that gives us a glimpse of Japan today even the best of the combini shots at various parts of the year (e.g. its obvious when its Sakura time as the shops turn pink). I think by doing this, you can still capture Japan of old and new as what is “normal” for one person is different for another.