Conbini Monday Wk75

Sweet chestnut and roasted green tea

After Setsubun, Spring starts according to the calendar.
It is still too cold in Tokyo, so you might want to try some of these hot drinks.

Sweet chestnut and roasted green tea
Ginger lemonade and ginger chai.
White cocoa! What does it taste like?
Cha shu ramen.
Tsuke men is kind of ramen. Before eating, dip the noodles in the soup.
Meat dumpling is called " Gyo-za" in Japanese.
Tortillas from Mexico.
Ginza curry and hayashi rice (hashed beef with rice).
Magazines for Lady's fashion. What kind of fashion trend is coming up this spring?
Strawberry cakes.
I want to try FuwaFuwa souffle!!
Apple tart and gateau chocolate. The displays look like whole cakes.
It named "Choco no Yama(chocolate mountain)".

In Japan, on Valentine’s Day the women present chocolates to the men, rather than the other way around as in many countries. How will you spend this year Valentine’s Day?

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