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Conbini Monday Wk81

Bottled water in a shape of Tokyo Sky Tree!

Tokyo Sky Tree will be opened on May 22,2012. The height is 634m.

Stick cheese cakes. We don't have to prepare a plate and fork.
Diet soup.It contains "Koya-Doufu(freeze-dried bean curd)”.
Diet Blend tea. Very nice
Chicken Ramen snack. Do not add boiled water.
Negi-Toro maki!
Bagna càuda set. Bring to the home party.
Ume(Japanese plum) Konbu(kelp). Young girls eat this as a diet snack.

Pasta sauce. Today I want to eat carbonara!
Salmon sushi!!
You can take Starbucks's coffee even at Conbini!

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