Conbini Monday Wk73

Sundubu jjigae
Korean stew

It is getting cold recently, and Lawson has started a Korean food fare to help us fight off the winter months.

Sundubu jjigae
Sundubu jjigae Korean stew
Korean style YAKITORI DON
Korean style YAKITORI DON
Yukgaejang Ramen
Yukgaejang Ramen Spicy ramen keeps us warm
Snacks from Korea
I like this pink brownie. It tastes good.
Chocolate rice cake filled with peanut cream. I can't imagine the taste of this...
Chocolate rice cake filled with peanut cream I cant imagine the taste of this

It snowed last friday for the first time this year. Some of these goods might help out.

Bath salts
During the cold season bath salts warm up your body
Miffy jerry
Miffy mug with fruit jelly
Maccha and chocolate parfait
Green tea and Chocolate parfait
In Japan recently healthy beverages have been selling well
Vegecuit, a little sweet and very spicy cookies.
Chocolate-coated potato chips
Chocolate-coated potato chips. It's really good. Do you want to try this?
Hot foods
Hot Foods corner is located next to the cash register

Can you guess why the ogre face pictures are displayed?

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