500 Yen Lunch

500 Yen Lunch
500 Yen Lunch
500 Yen Lunch
500 Yen Lunch

1,000 Yen lunches used to be the benchmark for office workers to seek out in order to budget for their daily meal. With the economic downturn and deflation, the 500 Yen lunch has now started to become popular.

There was a program on TV tonight talking about 500 Yen lunches in Shibuya, including a great pizza store, called Kinu. I might go and try it this week.

What do you normally spend on your lunch?

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    • *EXACTLY* the places I was thinking when I read the “500 Yen” lunch part.
      It doesn’t even need to be Gyuudon place to go for a 500Yen lunch.
      Pepper lunch has 450 Yen set, the 550 Yen version comes with an extra soup instead of the salad (or was that the potato salad extra instead of the soup ?) or one of the billion Katsu Curry places.
      My favorite one is in Akiba, but it’s not a chain so you can’t find it elsewhere.
      Funny thing is; their curry tastes the exact same as Go Go Curry! which is 40 seconds walking further, but the prices are 50% cheaper – I suppose that’s what “name” and “brand” does for ya.

      So yeah. I used to spend around 520 Yen a day on lunch and a nice drink (converted from Euro’s) but recently I’ve stopped doing that and instead just buying various kinds of bread and things to go with that. Calculated I save around 4100 Yen a week, not bad !
      The only thing is that it takes extra time and effort to making your own stuff; i don’t like making it one day beforehand and putting it in the fridge so have to do it every morning. And you know how mornings are 🙂
      But, it was for a good cause. Buying a new Nikon camera (D300s or D700, didnt decide yet, the video on D300s rocks, but no FX sensor so crappy at low light VS the D700) and a new lens (70-200 VR2) – with my bi-annual Tokyo trip coming up, and a trip to America in the summer .. sure as hell going to be sticking with the bread for a month or two extra 🙂

      *Cough* If you ever going to wanna take video in Shibuya Alan. Or anywhere else in Japan 🙂 D300s !!
      Check out some sample videos some users made: http://www

      and http://www

      This isn’t making my camera choice much easier 🙂

  • http://bit.ly/aQoviX inflation sure has a way of taking a bite out your lunch. I agree w/Orchid64, make it at home. as long as you have a loaf of bread and something to put between it your good to go. Or if you have leftovers from the night before, put it in a covered container, and again there’s your lunch. Everyone has there own preferences. Me I’m just a sandwich, chips and snack kind of person.

  • After reading this article and realted comments I need ice on my head…

    Compared to Italy, food in Japan is at a good price even with regular charge, at 500 yen it’s bargain to me.
    Or it’s just that conbini weeks trained my eyes and ears?

    (listening to the quadraphonic version of dark side of the moon by pink floyd, and it sounds great to me – this is totally unrelated but was good to share soul food too :))