Cute Nikuman

Bear faced nikuman. (image from Asahi news)
Bear faced nikuman. (image from Asahi news)
Bear faced nikuman image from Asahi news

Has anyone seen this cute looking niku-man (肉まん) at your local convenience store? Imura-ya will be selling these niku-man with the face of a bear from the 15th of this month. All of the face parts are supposedly edible. The meat inside is pork and should be selling for about YEN 160.

The inside of a typical nikuman (image from rakuten)
The inside of a typical nikuman image from rakuten

For those who haven’t tried a nikuman, they are a Japanese food made with dough, and normally filled with cooked minced pork. They are similar to the Chinese steamed buns. They are popular at convenience stores in the winter months, where you can find a selection of different fillings.

The word niku (肉) meaning meat and man from manju come together for nikuman.

Here are some tasty nikuman on sale at Raukten.

Meanwhile, my Rilakkuma has done a runner, thinking he might be next to turn into convenience store food. Rilakkuma in a bun!

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