Portable Audio Device: Zoom H4n

If you’re shooting with the new crop of Digital SLR cameras then, like me, you’re probably simply amazed by the video recording capabilities.

Since last year’s introduction of the first HD video capable DSLR, (Nikon’s D90), the market has been flooded with DSLR cameras.

As we all know the video quality of these DSLRs are great but the sound recording is total garbage. We have two options, a) live with poor audio, or, b) record audio separately

If you want to record separately the Zoom H4n is what you need. It records everything from .mp3 48khz to 24bit 96khz. It has built in stereo condenser microphones and two XLR inputs which means you can record 4 channels of audio at the same time. It records on SD cards and runs on 2AA batteries.

Operating this device might sound difficult but it isn’t. The menu is in plain English and navigation is kinda like and iPod. The Zoom H4n is so simple to use even my 5 year old nephew can run audio. Press the button and you’re recording.

Whether you’re recording sound for video or in the classroom reviewing for an exam this portable recording device delivers top quality audio at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

The Zoom H4n can be purchased on Amazon Japan


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