Oni wa Soto

Setsubun is approaching very soon. In Japan, the festival Setsubun is celebrated on February 3. It is thought of as a festival which helps remove evil and usher in luck. Lets hope we have lots of luck in 2010.

In preparation, stores sell lots of beans and masks.

The idea is that beans are thrown out the door of the house and a member of the house puts on a demons mask and shouts out with the demons in with the luck.

As a result, you might see these kinds of masks around at present!

On Amazon Japan, the demons mask is also available!

Go Amazon …. not just the average book seller … it has gotten to know its various cultural elements to gather commerical success!

What do you think of this mask? I think they sell it as one size fits all demons!!! I quite like the mask, but I am not sure why the guy is dressed up in what looks like a girls dress??!!

Oh well …. out with the demons …. in with the luck!
Do you celebrate setsubun in your house?

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I have lived and worked in Japan for the past twenty five years off and on. I have seen many changes and enjoyed the various paradoxes and anomalies of everyday Japanese living.

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