Winter Craft Projects for Kids

Do your kids enjoy craft projects?
My kids have always enjoyed these kinds of books that you can purchase from most bookstores in Japan.

For those that have not come across these books before, take a look at the activities on the kimonobox website ….. great fun!!

Now, of course, you dont have to buy them and lug them home from the book store in town. You can send for them on Amazon as well.

The projects in the books are brilliant at keeping the kids occupied on wet days. Or just days when you are busy and need something (other than TV) to entertain them for an hour or two.

If you have a problem ordering through because you live overseas, drop us a line at Shibuya246 and let us know. We might be able to help with filling your order.
Or if you have used these type of activities at your house, let us know what you think? Do you prefer a particular brand of educational books in Japan – kumon, gakken? Or are they all good?

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I have lived and worked in Japan for the past twenty five years off and on. I have seen many changes and enjoyed the various paradoxes and anomalies of everyday Japanese living.

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