Conbini Monday, Wk23

Kelloggs is getting popular in Japan too. Havent seen these munchy bars yet though
Kelloggs is getting popular in Japan too Havent seen these munchy bars yet though

I am still stuck in Australia at the moment, but expect to be back in Japan for next weeks Conbini Monday. The conbini’s on the Gold Coast seem strange compared to Japan. They have the Seven Eleven sign out the front, but the stock is a lot different. Also, a lot of them are part of the gasoline stand which gives a totally different atmosphere.

Here are the offereings from today’s visit. No Rilakkuma to taste test the goods today <__>.

Sesame seed springled crackers, spicy tasting good
Sesame seed springled crackers spicy tasting good
One of my favorite Ginger Beer brands, Bundaberg. Would like to be able to buy this in Japan
One of my favorite Ginger Beer brands Bundaberg Would like to be able to buy this in Japan

Hopefully next Monday I will be back in Japan. Lets see what the round of tests this week have in store. Tomorrow and next day look like they will be busy at the hospital.

What’s your favorite conbini food that you wish you could get in your part of the world?

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  • You’re in the gold coast! you’re in driving distance of me 😀 a very long drive but still pretty cool. Bundaberg has a great ginger beer 😛

  • Kellogg has been around for many years. Their headquarters being in Battle Creek Mi. And all the different products they make are always nutricious. I think I’ve seen that product in the stores here. Never tried it before. Also never had ginger beer before, what’s the taste like?
    Also the 7-11 conbinis here are associated w/gas pumps, been that way here in the states for as long as I can remember. To bad they couldn’t do something like that in Japan, seeing all the vehichles on the streets.
    I need to get to the one closest here to try out the Domo-Kun promotion they are running. Hope all your tests turn out with great results, going to the labs to have all those tests done sure make for a long day.
    Take care.