Conbini Monday, Wk22

New flavored KitKat, caramel pudding

Have started taking the ConbiniMonday pictures from my iPhone to add a bit more real life to them. Hope they are coming out clear enough. It is hard to rival the Canon PowerShot G10 images with a mobile phone camera.

Visitng the ampm today for the latest finds at conbini monday
Visitng the ampm today for the latest finds at conbini monday

There are quite a few snacks to see here. The one that caught my eye was the Disney Mickey Mouse caramel pudding by Morinaga. You can also see the EVERY BURGER product we took a look at in a previous conbini monday.

Plenty of snacks to take home
Plenty of snacks to take home

This corner seems to be growing in size, Maybe it is something to do with the change in season to Autumn, and everyone catching a cold. These throat sweets come in some great flavors. I like the look of the Cirtus Ginger pack, the Yuzu flavor and the 100% Honey pack. Which is your favorite pick?

Taking up quite a bit of space is the throat sweets corner
Taking up quite a bit of space is the throat sweets corner

There is no shortage of flavored KitKats in Japan. The latest to hit the stores are these caramel pudding flavored ones. Look good. ^^.

New flavored KitKat, caramel pudding
New flavored KitKat caramel pudding

and if you like the caramel flavor then these salt and caramel bite size KitKats may be just the thing.

Bite size KitKats
Bite size KitKats

Here is a surprise for ampm. Whilst Lawson has a firm tie-up with Rilakkuma and we have seen a few products already branded, like Rilakkuma Hotcakes and Rilakkuma Hamburgers, ampm looks like it is trying to cash in on the Rilakkuma brand as well.

Pick out your favorite “Puchi Mascot” for Yen 504 or maybe a mobile phone chain for Yen 273. Who wants to see some of these in the next giveaway contest?

Is that Rilakkuma peaking out of the box? I thought he was working with Lawson
Is that Rilakkuma peaking out of the box I thought he was working with Lawson

What is your favorite conbini? Are you a Lawson fan or a Family Mart convert? How about mini stop or daily yamazaki? What local conbinis do you have in your area?

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  • RT @Shibuya246: Conbini Monday, Wk22, Japan Conbini Monday | Shibuya246
    great photos with your iphone. Is this an nighttime shot or is this one underground? The reason is that I see the stairs on the left, and it is dark on the outside. I notice that there is a 10 yen difference in the Kit Kats on the shelf, is that due because they are a new flavor? The line up of snacks you have in Japan is endless, wish we could get those different flavored Kit Kats here in the states. I saw Mickey pudding also. It is getting to be that kind of season here for those throat fruits also. My pick would be the citrus ginger combo.
    Looks like Rilakkuma is trying to strike up his own deal with AM PM. I thought Rilakkuma was an exclusive to Lawson only. Maybe he’s tring to get a better deal?:) Yes I would like to see some of those product in the give aways.
    Have a great week.

    • I had been out for the day, so this was around 6pm when i was getting back. it was just getting dark. I hadn’t noticed the 10 yen difference. could be a promotion. I tried the Citrus Ginger a while back. very good.

      I’m pretty sure Rilakkuma is exclusive to Lawson. Notice here ampm is not branding him with products, just selling him individually. good idea though.

  • Mmm, pudding flavored kit-kats sound good!

    Here in Oklahoma we don’t have many pure-cobini stores, there are mostly cobini+gas station. There is a cobini not far from my house, but it is a little scary, having bars on the windows and questionable groups of people lounging around outside.

    • sounds like the conbini scene in your area is a bit different to what i experience here. not so friendly 🙂 I can visit my conbini any time of night and always feel safe.

  • It would be great to see more coverage of new KitKat flavors as they come out! And anything Domo-kun related would also be appreciated (if that’s not asking for too much…xD) Thanks!

  • Domo-kun? Good idea. They have some buses with domo-kun advertising on at the moment. I will try to grab some shots and post later. Thanks for suggestion 🙂

  • I got Kit Kat from Japan yesterday :D, Royal Tea Milk and Apple Vinegar. They are so yummy!!^^ but now I see the price in Japan make me desire to cry… I got them by 4’50 € >.< almost as the chicken leg christmas!!! lol