H&M v Uniqlo, Shibuya

H&M Shibuya, opening on September 19, 2009
H&M Shibuya, opening on September 19, 2009
HM Shibuya opening on September 19 2009

After a lot of construction to complete the building, H&M are ready to open in Shibuya. The location is near Yamada Denki, LABI and just opposite Tokyu Honten Bunkamura.

Building complete and ready to open
Building complete and ready to open

Up until now, Shibuya hasn’t really had a lot of big name brand stores. Part of the charm of Shibuya has been its ability to create its own fashion brand from the young people that hang out there.

The main branding up until now has been through Tokyu with their 109 name, which wasn’t really one line of clothing, but more a statement of young, hip and cool.

Just as H&M get set on changing the brand image of Shibuya, Uniqlo are also looking to open a store. They have had a few station kiosk stores before but this is the first major store they will open in Shibuya.

Adidas opened a store a while ago as well. It may only be a matter of time before we see more brand shops popping up in Shibuya and the street culture start to change.

adidas concept store in Shibuya
adidas concept store in Shibuya

It would seem odd to walk down Center-gai and see Chanel, Hermes and other high end fashion brand shops, but there definitely seems to be a fashion change occurring right now.

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  • RT @Shibuya246: H&M v Uniqlo, Shibuya, Japan shopping | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/CFW
    Well they say change can be good. You don’t want to become what they call around here a “Closet Community”. You end up shutting yourself off to progress, but then again to much can hurt also. Maybe if Shibuya can put all the new things in 1 section and then still retain the old style would be a definite comprise=Epic Win for both sides of the coin. IMHO.