27% Saving on Louis Vuitton, Japan

Well according to the blurb on Amazon, you can save 27% if you buy online!

This is one serious handbag.
Of course it is Louis Vuitton.

Back in the 1980’s, when I first arrived in Japan, I had never heard of Louis Vuitton.
Mind you, that shows my careful and conservative British/Australian upbringing.

And it is a shame that I hadn’t since Louis Vuitton produced a brand that managed to create the world’s largest luxury good conglomerate by the mid 1950’s.

How could I have missed the wonderful monogram canvas and Audrey Hepburn carrying that bag in the film Charade in 1963 ….. (perhaps because I wasn’t born till a few years later?)

By the time I did reach Japan, 1987, the Vuitton bags were dime a dozen among the young ladies …. even if they did cost a fortune…. I remember thinking how do all these girls afford these bags!!??

Anyhow, the bags still cost an awful lot of money but for those who like to check out the prices …. perhaps you should look on Amazon. There is a 27% saving off this Louis Vuitton fashion item. Still far too expensive for me. But I am sure that back in the 1980’s the girls would have loved the option of online Vuitton prices to share and compare…..

What are your thoughts about Louis Vuitton bags?

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I have lived and worked in Japan for the past twenty five years off and on. I have seen many changes and enjoyed the various paradoxes and anomalies of everyday Japanese living.

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