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The camera is a bit bumpy as it sits atop the bicycle ride from Daikanyama to Shibuya in this video from TokyoRentaBike, but the scenery is enjoyable to watch on the short ride.

If you are in Tokyo for a short trip why not rent a bicycle and enjoy the city from a new perspective.

From TokyoRentaBike:

If its a nice day, there is no better way to see Tokyo than by bicycle! You’ll be outside, able to see and stop at more places and be getting excercise. Everyone rides bikes in Tokyo – and its safe and easy to get around. It’s common to ride on the sidewalks, so you don’t have to worry about cars or traffic.

You can ride from Nakameguro to Daikanyama in just 10 minutes. To Shibuya it is only about 20 minutes. TokyoRentabike has rental bicycles for only 900 yen (about 10 dollars) for the whole day.

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    What’s the distance between Daikanyama to Shibuya in mi/km? A nice way to get around. At least you can use the sidewalks to ride on. When I was growing up we had to ride our bikes on the road,police would give you a ticket if caught on the sidewalk.:( Even now days they don’t like it. If you had alot of shopping to do it would be easier in a vehichle. I do miss riding a bike, haven’t done it in years.

    • Bicycle riding is very popular in Japan. The distance is quite short between Daikanyama and Shibuya. I am not sure how many kilometers it would be, but I can walk it in about 10-20 minutes depending on the route.

  • I was wondering. Is it okay to ride your bike on the road? Because, over here (in the Netherlands) basically al students and school going people (and those who live sort of near to their work) all go by bike to the train station to school or their work, but because there are so many of us we are considered to be drivers of vehicles and are designated to ride on bike lanes or on the roads if there aren’t any. It’s prohibited over here to ride on side walks.

    Because we all need to ride on roads and stuff, we usually bike really fast, like me, my ‘cruising speed’ is well above 20km/h but that’s -way- too fast for a side walk in Tokyo as they tend to be littered with too many (moving) obstacles.

    So is it okay to take to the road there?

    • You can certainly ride on the road. Many bicycles use both although it can be inconvenient for pedestrians when a bike comes charging at you. There are areas where the local authorities have designated no bike riding but no too many people take notice of it.

  • Has any westener tried it yet?
    I’d be concerned to hit a car or get hit by a car, as I’m in “right driving” country.

    I once tried to drive on the other lane, and I felt really uncomfortable.

    This series of videos is great, not high priced too.