Miniature City

Some great scenery here captured by mockmoon of central Tokyo that is both scaled down to miniature size using tilt shift camera techniques and then also sped up for your enjoyment.

Great shots and great editing.

Looks like some of these segments were used for a Google Maps promotion.

You can see lots more of mockmoon’s work on YouTube.

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  • What a great and vivid video article.:) I checked out his other videos, and it looks like when the farther he zooms out is like when movie studios set up a distant city shot. Or when George Lucas did his Death star Battle in star Wars. and the road ways look like ants scurring along their tunnels. He should be applauded for the great work. …Bows 🙂

  • This is a great video, and I’ve seen the one that Google used for their promo, which features another Vividblaze song, ‘Tight Rope’. Lovely stuff..